Common Study Sessions in Budapest – a look back

The most recent autumn Common Session took place in Budapest, Hungary at ELTE university from 24 till 26 November 2021. The overarching theme was focused on social struggles that are corollaries of an increasingly unequal and ambiguous world, and it also examined the question of criminology’s public roles and criminological engagement related to them. The

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Career after IMARC

IMARC fosters cooperation and dialogue between public and private organisations and civil society, which strengthens academic and societal relevance of the programme and contributes to the employability of our students. IMARC aims to enhance the capacity of students to develop and apply new knowledge and advanced analytical skills and to address problems from an international

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New applications open in 2022

The submission for cohort 2021-2023 is closed. The new application procedure for 2022-2024 will start from January 2022 onwards until the following deadlines: Application deadline (EEA students) 30 June 2022 Application deadline (non-EEA students) 1 May 2022

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First IMARC graduates

On 25 September, we celebrated the first IMARC graduates with the Ghent track. Very much respect how they finished their thesis during the COVID-19 period. Congratulations!

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The third cohort of IMARC-students started

IMARC 2021-2023 kicked off with 23 international students who origin from 8 different countries in and outside the European Union. The introduction was held on campus, considering the COVID-19 regulations, and hosted by the IMARC team. It was an honour to welcome the new students of cohort 3 to this two-year programme. The programme coordinator,

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