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Common Study Sessions in Budapest – a look back

The most recent autumn Common Session took place in Budapest, Hungary at ELTE university from 24 till 26 November 2021. The overarching theme was focused on social struggles that are corollaries of an increasingly unequal and ambiguous world, and it also examined the question of criminology’s public roles and criminological engagement related to them.

The registration for this CSP was overwhelming, 28 IMARC student were present as where we have a total of 53 students over 3 cohorts. Three IMARC students presented their final research and research proposal.
The students were impressed with the lively and fruitful discussions. It was their initiation to the international arena – broadening the scope of view and seeing things differently. Everybody was excited about the papers and the opening event with Budapest activists to set the scene of the location. But also, about the good atmosphere, the lively discussions, the drinking and the dancing, and the fact that there was actually an intellectual debate and social time in this pandemic time.

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Photo: F. Palazzo

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