Fall CSP in Athens

The next common session will take place at PANTEION UNIVERSITY in collaboration with DEMOCRITUS UNIVERSITY OF THRACE, from 28 November (evening) until 1 December 2023 with the theme ‘Critical Criminology, “New Criminologies” and Crimes of the powerful‘.

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IMARC information day 25 November on campus and online

On Saturday 25 November 2023 we have a Master’s Open Information Day (MOD). Students can register for the MOD on the general website. We offer this session both physically and online, you can register for both cases at The online students watch the webinar via Zoom and can ask questions in the chat (these

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Start of the new academic year

On Monday 4 September, we welcomed the new cohort of IMARC. With this international group from various countries in the world, we had a sunny introduction and getting to know each other. Shortly after, the students got their first lecture Globalisation, Digitalisation, Crime and Governance. A direct dive into the world of critical criminology. Welcome

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CSP Spring 2023 in Hamburg

We are excited to inform you that the upcoming Common Session in Hamburg is ready for registration . For your planning, the formal programme is from 15-17 May, 2023, and will most likely begin on the early afternoon of the 15th (Monday) and the final party on the 17th (Wednesday). The theme of this CSP is

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Common Study Session held in Vilnius

The Fall meeting of the Common Study Programme in Critical Criminology (CSP) was held at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Vilnius University in Lithuania from 28 till 30 November. The theme of this edition was ‘Normalisation of emergent deviances: Re-building ‘The Brave New World’? The welcome event was on Sunday when most participants arrived

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