Fernando Palazzo

 Alumnus 2021-2023

The core of the program is globalization. It is a unique opportunity to learn criminological research techniques within a globalized context. The program offers many opportunities to develop new skills, communicate, and expand your scientific knowledge.

“Over the course, I could learn a lot from highly skilled professors. The program provides a close experience with them, and it is a unique opportunity to learn closely with professionals with deep research experience.”

I still remember when I was in Brazil looking for a master’s program and I found some information about IMARC. It seems like yesterday when I watched Professor René van Swaaningen’s video explaining the program. At the same time that I was excited about the idea of the program and its possibilities, mobility paths, topics, etc., I was also a bit afraid that I would be able to handle it. I studied law in Brazil and had been working with criminal justice for many years. Criminology in Brazil has a different approach, and doing research at a high level was something new. In spite of all my concerns, I applied and was accepted into the program, and my journey from South America to Europe began in August 2021.

The core of the program is globalization. During the course, I could indeed live it. Being born in Brazil into an Italian family already gave me an idea of one of the main topics of the master’s: global flows. I could study something that resonates with my personal background and go further. My cohort had students from many different countries, and we could feel that we were in fact living in a globalized master’s program. Our cohort could experience unity and a nice feeling of togetherness. IMARC provides a unique experience among students from different parts of the world and also provides the possibility to connect with students from previous cohorts. There is a sense of community among IMARC students, and we are bonded by the same acronym. During the presentations at the Common Sessions, we could get closer and not only make some professional connections but also valuable friendships.

Over the course, I could learn a lot from highly skilled professors. The program provides a close experience with them, and it is a unique opportunity to learn closely with professionals with deep research experience. As I mentioned in the beginning, I was concerned about my research techniques, and I must say that it was not an easy process to grasp all the techniques and core of scientific research, but once I did it, it was an amazing feeling. As we say in Brazil, the bigger the mountain, the better the view!

I had the privilege to have very competent and patient supervisors, professors Lieselot Bisschop and Karin van Wingerde, from whom I could observe and learn what it takes to make real criminological research. In the IMARC “mountain”, I was not alone. Not only my supervisor, but many other professors and the staff were always available to help and give the right guidance. Elisabeth Brein, the program coordinator, is the personification of excellency. She was always available to help and did her best to help the students achieve their goals. Furthermore, being part of Erasmus University is a wonderful experience. Its structure, organization, and reputation are definitely things that will be extremely valuable to your personal formation.

I finish this important chapter in my life called IMARC. When I look back, I am proud of everything. In a globalized world, I traveled to Europe seeking a special commodity (knowledge), and I returned to Brazil bringing much more than I was expecting to. Currently, I am working at Paraná’s state courthouse as chief of staff, and since I arrived here, many opportunities have been offered to me because of my master’s. I am already reaping the benefits of all the hard work and everything that I learned not only in Brazil but also in other countries. During the course, I could make connections with other professionals from other countries, and I will start to develop new projects already using everything that I learned in the program.

IMARC personifies its main theme: globalization. For those who wish to take the journey, be prepared to learn, to study, to communicate, and to leave your comfort zone, but bear in mind one thing: in the end, the view of the mountain is amazing!

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