Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND)

Name NWP Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND)
Remarks (optional)
NWP of
please contact Elisabeth Brein at
Professional field NWP
Organisational structure

National organisation, with local sections/departments/divisions

Short description NWP organisation
Thematic key words (following the criteria of IMARC dimensions)
  • One (or more) of IMARC’s three dimensions: border crossing, security
  • One (or more) themes within these dimensions:
      • Human Trafficking
      • Migration
      • EU Law &Policy on Justice and Home Affairs
      • Regulation & Control
Research needs and/or research questions NWP

Students can analyse the organisational structures, organisational processes, policies and methodology

Offer NWP: the role of the IMARC researcher
  • independent conduct of research
  • access to data/documents
  • possibility to consult experts and specialists
  • internship/traineeship
Number of IMARC researchers that can be placed at NWP per academic year
1 per year
Is it possible for IMARC researchers to have other forms of research collaboration and data collection (other than internship)?

Yes, namely:

  • Data collection
Financial compensation (for IMARC researchers)
Selection procedure


  1. job interview
  2. research topic/intern's cv fitting in with the IND's needs and abilities to facilitate the research and/or internship
Which language is required?


Certain agreements that need to be respected, such as screening procedures for students and confidentiality of the data, and the like?

VOG (Verklaring omtrent Goed Gedrag). Restrictions on the public publication of the provided information. The intern will sign a statement accordingly

Possible start date / end date internship and/or other research collaboration
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