Aerial view of Hamburg and Hamburg port

CSP Spring 2023 in Hamburg

We are excited to inform you that the upcoming Common Session in Hamburg is ready for registration . For your planning, the formal programme is from 15-17 May, 2023, and will most likely begin on the early afternoon of the 15th (Monday) and the final party on the 17th (Wednesday).

The theme of this CSP is “Rethinking the dangerous in scary times”.

The 2023 Spring Common Session in Hamburg wants to open a new discussion on the foundational
criminological notion of “the dangerous”. In times of acute planetary insecurity, multiple entangled
crises – nuclear, ecological, pandemic, authoritarian, and humanitarian – converge to a frightening
prospect for both our future and our present. How have common perceptions changed about the
subjects, places, modes of governance and forms of resistance that are understood as threatening,
eerie, or in need of control and punishment? Some critical voices raise concerns over harmful public
constructions, such as “climate refugees”, and adverse consequences of security practices, including
police brutality. Others call for more control and the establishment of new offences (e.g. “ecocide”).
A crucial focal point for all of them becomes the rendering visible of everyday and “non spectacular”
harms of “slow violence” (Nixon) and destruction of life worlds. What does “the revenge of the real”
(Bratton) look like for Critical Criminology? And what does being critical mean for criminology in
these times?

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