Start of the new academic year

Start of the new academic year

We are doing everything possible to make full use of the available opportunities for higher education from 1 September.

The universities have received a letter from the Minister of Education, Culture and Science outlining four scenarios, one of which is the basic scenario which the Minister has indicated is the most likely scenario. In this scenario, physical education is possible without 1.5 metres with a maximum of 75 students in a lecture hall. In halls that can accommodate more students, the 1.5-metre measure remains in place. In our preparations, we are now assuming this scenario. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science will decide on the final scenario for the coming academic year on 21 June. There is a chance that large study programmes, such as RSM, can only offer study groups online/hybrid due to the high demand for teaching rooms.

In addition, we note that the noises from the government are positive. Therefore, our preparations aim to be as flexible as possible with the measures in place at the time. In other words, we will ensure that all lecture halls can be fully used for physical education as soon as this is possible.

The above also applies to study places and examinations.

We can all contribute to increasing the chances of physical education by ensuring that the vaccination rate of students and staff is as high as possible. The higher this vaccination rate, the more likely it is that education will resume in full.

As soon as we can offer physical education again and the exams are fully physically possible again, we are counting on you to come and use this opportunity to its full potential. Naturally, this applies to international students also!


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