Start semester 1, September 2020: COVID-19 regulations update

We receive a lot of questions regarding the start of the first semester and the impact of the COVID-19 regulations. Recently it became clear from the Dutch government that there will probably be fewer corona measures next academic year, for example, public transport restrictions have been lifted. That means more opportunities for us on campus, although the 1.5 meter rule – as it stands now – must remain.

Personal contact remains an important factor when it comes to binding with the faculty, with the research master, the lecturers of IMARC, and binding between the students themselves. At the start of the master, IMARC students start in a new group and have to get to know each other, the faculty and the campus. That is why the policy applies – of course, except for a new lockdown – that all three universities of IMARC will offer possibilities for the physical presence of the students on campus. We are working on a full educational programme with a mixture of online and on campus. Also the social and academic introduction will most likely be on campus, taking COVID-19 regulations into account.




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