The consortium developed IMARC with support of a grant from the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership awarded in 2016. For this project, we have developed four ‘Intellectual Outputs’ that may be useful for other consortia of higher education institutes in developing an international joint programme.

The four project results are:

  1. A Student Handbook, including the curriculum, international mobility paths, and practical information for students.

  2. A Stakeholder-based Guidebook for Research Cooperation, including an overview of relevant research topics, an overview of stakeholders, and guidelines for thesis supervision and evaluation. This Guidebook guides the cooperation with the IMARC network partners.

  3. Good Practice Guidelines for peer-to-peer learning, informal learning and the use of social media. These Guidelines informed the development of the preparatory workshop for IMARC students prior to their participation in a Common Session of the Common Study Programme in Critical Criminology.

  4. HEI Quality Plan: European Joint Masters Quality Assurance Guide.
    The project results will soon be published on the Erasmus+ project results platform.
    For more detailed information please contact us at
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