Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

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Instruction language
Mode of study
2 years
Universities & Faculties
The Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus School of Law, Criminology Department
The University of Ghent, Department of Criminal Law and Criminology
Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam (NL)
Campus Aula, Ghent (BE)
Start date
Study points (ECTS)
Total 120 ECTS: Taught courses first year: 60 ECTS, research modules and final thesis second year: 60 ECTS.
Double degree
Yes. Master in Science in Criminology from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Ghent University,
Application deadline (EEA)
Programme 2023/2025: The deadline for application for EEA-students is 30 June 2023.
Application deadline (non-EEA)
Programme 2023/2025: The deadline for applications for non-EEA students is 1 May 2023.
Optional in the third semester
Student fee
EEA/EU: € 2.209 per year (fee 2022-2023). Updated tuition fee available in beginning 2023
Non-EEA/EU: € 9,000 per year.
Information for Dutch students - DUO rights
The programme of IMARC is two years. The regular master’s program in Criminology is one year. For DUO, the one-year master’s degree in Criminology is leading and DUO rights (student finance and public transport travel product) are linked to this. This means that during your IMARC registration you may be entitled to 1 year of student finance from DUO, depending on your duration of your previous study years.
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