Application process opens 15 December 2023

The new application process for the upcoming IMARC programme 2024-2026 opens 15 December 2023.

To start the admission procedure you can email the following required documents from 15 December onwards to

  • An original certified copy of your diploma(s)/graduation declaration, In case you did not graduate yet, this can be delivered at a later stage
  • An original certified copy of your transcript(s) or progression report (list of grades including a description of the grading system)
  • A minimum of two letters of reference
  • Original proof or original certified copy of your English proficiency (for exemptions check the website) 
  • Curriculum vitae with information on prior/current education
  • A letter of motivation with specification of prior knowledge. Motivate how the courses meet the criteria on deviance and social control. Motivate your knowledge on research methods with a distinction between qualitative and quantitative courses. Motivation of your first and second preference for a track at EUR or UGhent
  • Self-evaluation on methodology skills (document can be found on the website)
  • A copy of your passport.

The deadline for submission for non-EEA students is 1 May 2024, for EEA-students 30 June 2024 and for Dutch students 31 July 2024. All application conditions have to be provided before these deadlines.


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