Upcoming Common Study Session

The spring Common Session of 2020 will be organized between April 8-10th in Budapest by the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University, ELTE (1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1-3.)

We are inviting all interested students and staff to take part in an inspiring couple of days in Budapest.  Titles and abstracts of those who wish to present at the conference deliver the following information no later than March 8th to

Theme: Social Struggles, Activism and Criminology

This Common Session is focusing on social struggles that are corollaries of an increasingly unequal and ambiguous world, and it examines the question of criminology’s public roles and of criminological engagement related to them. How can criminology, apart from understanding the social world, contribute to a more just society? Is there a way for the criminological imagination to challenge the contemporary social, cultural, political and economic patterns and ease the pain on the local level by engaging with struggles for social and legal justice? If there is, could an ‘activist criminology’ play a role in dissolving the boundaries separating production of knowledge and activism? What would the methodological implications be?

Papers exploring the different aspects of criminology, activism and social struggles on a wide range of related topics are welcome. For instance: criminalization, environmental and social harms, resistance and social movements, crimes of the powerful, the rise of populist and authoritarian governments and its implications for penal populism, proliferation of surveillance technologies and its effects on social control, social exclusion, everyday lives and struggles of marginalized people and social groups, victimization and intersectionality, difficulties of the universal acceptance of human rights, academia and activism, methodological considerations.

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